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I think that health should not be defined solely as one idea or thing. Inevtiably, health varies from person to person. To someone who rarely is sick, for example, the word health probably denotes a constant state of living. Maybe, they even take their health for granted because they are not use to living any other way. However, for a cancer patient, or to a person who may be fighting an incredibly invasive and debillating disease, health is probably a much more relished and cherished word. Health to them may mean simply posessing the ability to get out of bed each morning. To me, health refers to the state of being in which I find myself most active, most invigorated, and most refreshed. I feel the best when I eat the most nutritious food I can, when I exercise the most that I can, and when I sleep the adequate amount of hours per night conducive to my lifestlye. This is the meaning of health to me, and I greatly value my health.


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