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power of the mind

I would define health as mostly emotional and mental.  I believe that "being well" is a state of mind.  Even if I have a cold, if I am still happy and enjoying life, then I am well.  On a more extreme level, if I have cancer, but I can still be with the people I love and do activities that I enjoy, then I am still well.  There is the obvious definition of health being void of diseases or viruses, but sometime I can't help it if I become sick.  Therefore, it is up to my mental health to bring me back to "being well."

A agree with Kate that being well is different for every person.  Some people might be able to function with a cold, while other people might think it is the end of the world that they are conjested.  That is where I believe that the mental health has a bigger role in the physical health than most people think.


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