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Health to me

Health to every person is their ideal self. We compare each other to ourself all the time and want what we can't have. We want to exercise, to have no illnesses, to take all the recommended vitamins and minerals. We want to be perfect. The truth is everyone's health, in my opinion, is never like that. We always fall short in one aspect at least.  Health is physical, mental, emotional, neurological, and so many more well beings. There is only so far you can try to stay the ideal Healthy. In my opinion stress would be considered unhealthy, but to me it makes me try harder and makes the less stressful days more sweet. I try to exercise every day but there is only so much I can do and only so much will power I have in me to keep up with my goal. Emotionally, I am still a teenage girl, so of course I have the ups and downs. Neurologically, I feel fine. There are so many varying factors into health it is hard to pin all the aspects that go into it, let alone keep them all to their supreme standards. Many people struggle with all kinds of health, it is just important to main the best "you" that you can.



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