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The Mind Controls the Body

Being well means being emotionally stable and physically fit. There are various meanings of how people consider themselves "well", but I believe that human beings cannot be healthy unless they are mentally and emotionally stable. The mind controls the body and everything starts from the brain. For example, if you are severely depressed, chances are, you will not exercise, you will not socialize, and your eating habits may be completely off - either eating a lot or nothing at all. On the other hand, however, if you are a very optimistic, you may be motivated to go out for a run, you may call your friends up and make plans, and you may set yourself a healthy eating schedule. Of course it is not anyone's fault if they catch a cold and get sick, but it is up to how "healthy" the mind is at that point because a healthy mind would tell oneself to do whatever it takes to get better, while an unhealthy mind would be indifferent about the sickness. In the end, achieving wellness comes down to maintaing a strong and optimistic mind.


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