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In my opinion health is

In my opinion health is achieving a balrance in all aspects of you life: social, mental, physical and emotional. To be healthy you need to know your body's limits and attending to its needs. Health is in a way self defined, becuase no one knows your body better yourself. Who are experts to tell you if the way you are living is healthy or not? Again this goes back to the original question of "Expert" or "native" knowledge when judging our health. If i feel good about the health choices i'm making, and i'm not stressing my body or mind in anyway, i am in my opinion healthy.

Everyones body is different, for a health expert to say that a certain method of living will work for everyone is absurd. Ofcourse we need to intake vitamins and other nutritions, exercise, and other things to maintain a well balanced life style, but  how much exersise we get or how much we eat depends on our personal needs.


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