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to be healthy

I think being “healthy” entails achieving a stable emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. I think that a “healthy” lifestyle constitutes, but is not limited to exercise, a well-balanced diet, positive interaction with others, adequate sleep, and a good attitude towards life. I think that it is important for one to meet all three aspects of health, to truly be healthy.  For example, while it is important to exercise and maintain a balanced diet, one must not sacrifice sleep, or withdraw oneself from human interaction to function at his or her best.  I believe most of these habits and behaviors go hand-in-hand with one another, and so one is more likely to exercise if one has healthy eating habits versus someone who pays no attention to their diet. I also think that individuals have different outlooks on what it means to be healthy, thus one person’s daily activities, interactions, and behaviors may be vastly different from one person as opposed to the other, but both may be deemed healthy.


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