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Milton buys a house in

Milton buys a house in Grosse Point and few weeks later the entire family moves over. The house was on Middlesex Boulevard. I found it interesting that house had the name Middlesex. The word middlesex and intersex could be synonyms. Intersex is having both male and female sexual characteristics, which is like being in the middle of both sexes. It is in this house where Callie learns of her intersex characteristics. On page 273 Callie says "The architecture of Middlesex was an attempt to rediscover pure origins." It's almost like her moving into the house was meant to be. The house gives off the vibe of finding the truth, and Callie learns, in that house, of her mutated gene and the effects of it. 


In the beginning of Book 3, when Callie is born, she mentions "It was all around me from the beginning, the weight of female suffering" when she describes the females, all ages, in the hospital going through pain. This sentence struck my mind because throughout the book she explains her frustration with her female body. She is annoyed with the fact that her body has not gone through puberty like the other girls around her. Also, when her and Clementine are swimming in the pool and she believes that what she was doing with Clementine caused her grandfather's stroke. It's like when she was a female, she suffered through some things, and her identifying herself as a female might not be the right choice. I'm interested to see how her life changes after she finds about being intersex.  


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