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This first part is

This first part is unrelated to the rest of my post, but on Monday night it was bothering me that her brother was called Chapter 11 and since I knew Chapter 11 is the bankruptcy law in the US, I looked up the connection and I found out that he is called Chapter 11 because he is bankrupt most of his adult life.

This section of the book really interested me with its lesbian narrative.   It kind of reminds me of the Kinsey scale- the idea that no one is exclusively hetero or homo-sexual.  It was also very interesting- the idea that some of the actions that girls show to each other in school, only surronded by girls, would not be appropriate outside of school.  The holding hands and being very physically intimate, I feel like in my opinion it should be acceptable for friends to do that in public.  Callie seems to suggest that the girls at her school would think that if you did that in public, that you were a lesbian and supposed to be shunned.  I don't understand what this country's fear is with showing intimancy of any kind in public.  I love being able to walk around holding hands with my best friends, male or female, and I don't think that just because we're holding hands we should automatically be considered in a relationship. 

The relationship between Callie and the Obscure Object is so interesting to me because of the OO's clear participation in it, but at the same time trying to hide that she's going along with it.   She's so curious, but by pretending she's asleep she can experience it without saying she did it willingly, which I feel like is very important in her opinion for her life.


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