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Another periodic participant

Hello all,

I thought it may be wise to introduce myself as well since I will be visiting in a week or two and may pop in on the blog. I know Paul through a now defunct group called the Graduate Idea Forum which may still have space on Serendip, but met fairly regularly as an interdisciplinary reading group when I was earning my PhD in Social Work and Social Research there at BMC (finished 2003). I am now a professor at Rutgers in Social Work (mostly "advanced practice" and Grief counseling) and have had a private practice counseling clients with a variety of perinatal health issues, as well as working with clients around anxiety and depression. I too come with experiences both professional and personal and look forward to discussions about the nature of "mental health"- a concept I find limiting, particularly with the focus on diagnosis as the antithesis of "health." But more on that later. I look forward to meeting you all in virtual and concrete ways.


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