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intro from a friendly eavesdropper/occasional contributor

Hi all,

My name is Anneliese, and I'm writing to you from Southeastern Virginia. Have a long history with Bryn Mawr (AB in anthro in '01, MSS in '06) and am greatly pleased at the opportunity to accompany you in this journey from afar. Relevant experiences:
-longtime interest in mental health/illness, and definition of "(ab)normality";
-personal struggles since early teens, to include anorexia, OCD, and more recently depression;
-having an extremely bright and talented older brother who has had depression since childhood and seems to have incorporated in into something of a weltanschauung, thus blurring the line between health and illness;
-professional work/training experience working clinically with children and adolescents in an outpatient mental health clinic that served a primarily low-income population (hence the intersection of poverty/SES with mental health);
-and currently, work as an intensive case manager for kids in therapeutic foster care, which has struck a blow to my faith in mental health care as I see it practiced.

Due to other life demands, my participation here may be limited; I hope y'all don't mind if I pop in once in a while. Have fun!

(p.s. to Paige who interned at Child & Family Services - that wasn't by chance in Norfolk, VA, was it? The agency I work for was called Child & Family Services of Eastern Virginia until this past January...just curious.)


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