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Hi everyone,

I’ve always been interested in mental health, having family members and friends who have struggled with various mental health issues. Additionally, as a human, interacting with others, who are attempting to maintain their own mental health, or “balance,” I am interested in the full spectrum of human behavior. I have a family member who is a psychiatrist, and through him have learned another perspective about mental health, that of the person in the “helping” role. Another family member has grappled with a chronic illness and subsequent depression, so I am also interested in mind/body dynamism.

As a postbac, hoping to attend medical school, I am interested in all issues pertaining to human interactions, and the ways in which mental health issues are perceived both by the medical community and society at large; and how perceptions shape the ways in which we, as a society, deal with the care of those with mental health issues.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying the exploration that this semester will certainly be.



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