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History Channel Show on Eyes

I received this message from the NSTA Listserv from Kevin in Texas


"The History Channel has a series on Tuesday nights called Evolve, 9:00 PM Central Time. This evening episode was Evolution of Eyes. They did an impressive job of presenting the mechanisms and interesting examples. Next week's episode will be evolution of the digestive tract. It is well worth the time investment to watch it. It appears the series can be ordered. If you want a synopsis, PZ Myers (a biologist and University Prof) live blog tonight's episode.   

I did not watch the show as I was on the phone helping a friend prepare for an interview for a chemistry teaching position in a private NJ school. He is a Ph.D. leaving industry to enter the teaching profession. He has been tutoring high school chemistry, physics, and math for the last 18 months. The tutoring agency for which he works recommended him to the school. Our conversation took a long time as I attempted to acquaint him generally with the culture of private schools and life as a teacher. Much too much information for a two hour phone conversation but time enough to prepare him for the interview. He is the father of two Middle School aged boys, but has never been in a classroom setting as a teacher. I could not help but think how much he would learn spending one day at the Institute with us.


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