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I thought listening to the music in class and seeing our different reactions was interesting.  It's interesting that some of us saw colors, that some of us tried to form stories, or associate emotions, and some of us tried to do much more- from these auditory signals.  It's interesting to think about what it is- who we are, where we've come from- whatever it is that's influenced our minds to interpret music- or try to associate it- with certain things. I tried associating the music with emotions, or realms of emotion- either as sadder, calmer, or happier.  I wondered though, why I immediately wanted to do that- why I wanted to find logic, or order, or meaning, or whatever it is I was searching for, in that way.  Why couldn't I appreciate the music, music? But.. in that case, would I only be appreciative of music as music when it makes me feel a certain way, in which case it wouldn't be the music I'm hearing, but the emotions/feelings it evokes? For that matter.. can anything be appreciated for what it really is, as opposed to our reactions/the way it makes us feel? We react to each other- we don't like everyone, but those we do interact with- we get something out of these interactions that make us want more, that make us continue.. they fill a certain niche, making us feel a certain way- maybe intrigue us, stimulate us, make us feel good, or some other way... maybe there's nothing we can appreciate for itself.. maybe everything is tied to the way it makes us feel.


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