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Diversifying education



It is important to maintain some level of diversity in the educational system, both in the body of students and the competency of the teacher. For the extent to which the teacher comprehends what they teach, execute and demonstrate what they teach, and whether or not they further their knowledge on what it is they teach varies tremendously, producing profoundly different effects on the student’s learning.

The heterogeneity in the classroom, increases the possibility of arguing about concepts discussed and of someone making a mistake whihc is essential for the basic process of learning. But it is not enough to simply have a diverse group of individuals together like in a classroom or in a Staff Development meeting as it is to be open to the idea of false belief, the ability to understand that people can hold beliefs about the world that are wrong and identify them constructively. This kind of mentality is necessary especially for teachers because it makes them conscious of the fact that a student’s knowledge helps determine their behavior and therefore belief/attitude towards a certain concept discussed in class.


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