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Questions about different schoolings

How effective is homeschooling and the variety found in the way that homeschooling can be conducted ( i.e. professional tutors, parent-teachers, online education)?

On a slightly different axis, what are we to say about single-sexed education with its blatant limitations on diversity? Yes, at least in Bryn Mawr’s and other all women’s college’s defense, there have been studies that have shown group setting composed entirely of women have shown to be very effective but that does not ignore the fact that it reinforces gender stereotypes, like those of the same sexed must stick together or perpetuating gender-based education (not offering home economics in all men’s institution) just to name a few.

And if we look more closely at specific single-sexed institutions like Bryn Mawr, why is male staff allowed in the campus? Another question is why is Bryn Mawr involved in the Tri-CO initiative?

How do men feel about working about working as part of Bryn Mawr’s faculty? Was it possibly because it was the best job opportunity, or some other convenience?

One last spin on things would have to consider specialization in the types of classes offered in a school let alone the entire school itself. Questions about the legitimacy behind having highly specified classes/institutions during the lower levels of education arise, in particular those of special ed and specialized classes. (When I say lower levels of education, I am referring to the level of education before one commits to specializing themselves in that particular field, where they are there simply to learn the basic knowledge of that field.) Is it really ok to have honor classes and such when they “stealing” the quicker learning individuals or special ed class “removing” the slower then average students from the standard class, lowering the amount of diversity and therefore type of challenge a text book or teacher alone can not bring to the class?


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