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Premature thoughts on an ideal education system

Start students off in a “free-range” (“” refers to a safe environment in which is readily accessible on a daily basis) area to find themselves, make sense of the world, and come to some general conclusions about life on their own and with the guidance/facilitation of a person who has the skills of a teacher, guidance counselor, psychologist, and overall is a more experienced individual. This stage in the student’s education is to get to the heart of the function of school- to establish and develop knowledge that is to be utilized to successfully tackle challenges in the real world. For the real world is not organized, written in black and white or in stone, consistent, or predictable and so conditioning students to work in an environment that is like this is terribly misleading and therefore inappropriate.


The next stage will allow the students to be introduced to an immense selection of studies of life, allowing them to interact with each and generate new ideas and opinions about them. Once they have gained a particular interest in a certain area, have them go to a “specialized institution” to increase their knowledge there and hopefully come out with a career based on that study.


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