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Sleep deprivation - the brain - and

During a non-stop 3 day river race of 340 miles, the racers begin to have hallucinations throughout the night hours. Mostly visual but some auditory as well. I am trying to do some research into why these hallucinations happen and what we can do to relieve them of this or lessen its affects.

Now we know that caffeine can cause these hallucinations but it's almost imperative to keep them awake.

I am looking for foods to reduce the amount of caffeine needed to keep them awake while knowing the restrictions of limited restroom privileges, to put it nicely. And to find out if there are any foods that can help relieve the hallucinations in the evening and overnight.

We are also trying to find other ways to eliminate the hallucinations when they happen, not sure if a visual shock would knock it out of them such as a piercing bright light or something to look at other than the far off blinking red light amongst all the darkness of the mid night.

Any insight in to this would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance



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