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Welcome to the on-line forum for brain and education, associated with Serendip's Brain and Education: New Directions and Brain and Education Resources pages. Like all Serendip forums, this is a place for conversation, not for final words but rather for thoughts in progress. Its a place to leave things and ideas that you think might be useful for other peoples' thinking, and to find things and ideas that might be useful for your own. Can research on the brain be useful for thinking about teaching and teaching experiences be useful for thinking about the brain? Join in, and let's see what new ideas and understandings arise from sharing thoughts.

This is an open forum, meaning that anyone can contribute using the "Post a new comment" form at the end. To avoid letting the forum become cluttered with spam, comments will be reviewed and so appear only after a delay of a day or so. If you think you might like to be a regular participant of this forum, please email Paul Grobstein at with a brief description of your interests, and you will be sent information about registering for this forum. Comments from registered participants who log in with user name and password will not be reviewed and so will appear in the forum immediately.


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