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science and literature

If you take our thoughts back to basics, if we acknowledge that we're all human, we put ourselves on a level where we can relate to each other.  Beyond this, however, we all have different cultural beliefs, different morals, and we all have differing thoughts.  We're all going to have differing thoughts on literature and science, but the connection between the two is particularly interesting.  From my thoughts, we're human, we have ideas, we write them, others read them.  The "we're human" part is the "science" part, and the reading and writing is the literature part.  Nearly everything we do is a combination of disciplines- disciplines that have evolved- so, my question, is where is the origin?  In science, we look at organisms that are all very different now, but share a common ancestor.  I want to think that this applies to science and literature also- that there is a common ancestor- my question, is what is this common ancestor...if it does exist?


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