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Some Old Thoughts...

I was thinking about this topic, so I decided to post it in this older forum, where I thought it was more appropriate.  Because of a part of my senior research, I am beginning to really get interested in human beings' frame of mind, as we make decisions and opinions and think of ideas, I want to look into where it stems from.  Is it from a build-up of our past experiences, a result of the making and wiring of our brains? a novel idea? the framework of our brains? Or from the current frame-of-mind, i.e. our mindset?  I'm beginning to think that it is too difficult to trace back a single idea or belief to its earliest of orgins, for it may not have just one origin and it could have been influenced by many many different beliefs and experiences and been modified.  So I think our current decisions are made mostly from pulling and using our resources (already established and set in our brains), and then, applying them to our current state of life and current frame-of mind.  Does anyone else...if they read this....have any opinions here? Or any general knowledge on this topic?


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