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Previous to enrolling in this course, I was a perfectly content student, and I had a balanced understanding of evolution, culture, religion and morality, and I had worked out in my brain a way for them all to fit perfectly together in my mind.  Then I took this class.  And my mind is swimming! I've been constantly trying to make sense of all the new ideas and perspectives we've learned about, and I've noticed a few parallels.

I am able to notice how the concept of Darwinian evolution can apply to cultural evolution.  If, in fact, culture's meaning is created by man, then it isn't necessary for it to have a certain destination, and therefore, I envision it continuing on, without any specific goal, similar to the biological evolution set before us by Darwin.

 I also see the the actual evolution of species (as well as cultural evolution) as a loopy science.  And by this, I do not mean our understanding of it, but indeed the process itself.  In the similar way that loopy science is always contunuing, so is evolution, trying again and again to continue on, never actually reaching a perfect or "right" conclusion.


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