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I think one important factor

I think one important factor in comparing biological evolution and the evolution of literature is the idea of originality.  In biological evolution there is an enormous amount of variation and uniqueness that continues to increase between different organisms that started from an "original" organism.  In literature there is assumed to be an original genre or idea that has produced the variance and uniqueness in literature genres.  I think it is important to note that the two go hand in hand.  

The human brain continues to evolve over time.  I acknowledge the fact that the evolution of the human brain is occuring at a much slower rate that the rate that literature has evolved over the past centuries.  I, however, believe that even the slightest increase in our brain's complexity can give rise to a new literary technique or style.  This new technique or style can then grow and flourish as many other individuals make use of it.  Many believe that there is either no more originality in literature or that there will soon be no more originality in literature.   I think that as long as our brains are becoming more complex,  there will be no end to the production of original literature just as there will be no end to the production of unique organisms in biological evolution.


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