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my own reality

   Some parts of the lectures during this semester made me happy in the sense that I was often told that many things were not real or were not true and for some reason, it was refreshing because it felt as though I had cheated myself out of the "system" of reality and found a loophole to make my life a bit easier....But then I realized, despite the fact that these things may not be real, everything around me is influenced by them, resulting to me having to abide by them as well...So then that would make me sad again.

   All the routines, the studying and papers, homework that is due by next week isn't really there?  Isn't really due?  Doesn't really matter?

   But in the end, even if it is true or not, existent or not, it does matter and no matter how hard I don't want to write papers and take exams, I am forced to do so....

   This class was enlightening in the sense that I was given another way of looking at things, but I must admit, unfortunately, that my own reality is just the same.


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