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Enlightening Semester

I came into this class with some knowledge of senses and behavior from a cultural/anthropological perspective, and a basic understanding of how neurons worked.  Through our discussions, I have learned so much more about neurobiology, and had the opportunity to explore completely new ideas.  One of the most interesting discoveries for me this semester was the idea of the “I-function”, and its relation to conscious v. unconscious behavior.  I also really enjoyed exploring the architecture of the nervous system in detail, particularly discussing the way that the interpretation of reafferent loop and corollary discharge signals affects output/behavior.  One thing that hasn’t changed throughout the semester is my belief that the brain and the rest of the nervous system (as opposed to a “mind” or “soul”) are responsible for all aspects of behavior.  In fact, this opinion has been strengthened by many of the examples that we discussed in class.  However, I am now able to combine this “purely chemical” viewpoint with the acknowledgement that the nervous system is in fact a “storyteller” that, at times, can do some very unpredictable things.  Overall, this semester has been enlightening.   Thanks, everyone, for sharing all of your interesting ideas!  


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