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More on AFT

I was also reading about NASA's approach to motion sickness.  (  I told Tommy (my boyfriend) that my theory on overcoming motion sickness has some basis and that he should try it so he can go on rides with me!  I love rollercoasters and anything that spins.  Although, I can handle rough rides, I am subjected to motion sickness while I read in the car or on a boat- (even though planes are okay).  When the feelings of fatigue and queasiness arise, I concentrate on those sensations and the symptoms pass without discomfort.  However, I haven't been able to manage to focus on the sick feelings and read at the same time, so reading in cars/boats are still out for me, although I no longer feel motion sickness otherwise. 

The articles states that it's "mind over matter" and motion sickness can be alleviated via AFT better than pharmacological methods.  I am a believer that we have more control over our bodies than we think is possible.  For instance, if I'm going to the beach or on vacation, or simply don't want my period because I have an event to go to and it's that time of the month, I can delay my period by just not wanting it.  Then, as soon as the trip/event is over, I get my period immediately.  It works every time, and I love my body for coorperating!  How does this fit in with central pattern generators?  It looks like something else can influence the way our cpg works...        


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