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a funny thought...

The question about the fine lines of I-function and not I-function...I have a funny story from this weekend that i think i can present to the class.

This passed weekend was the Rhythm 'n' Motion Dance Company's showcase.  I performed a piece in the showcase with my partner (it was a couple piece) and literally, from the beginning of this semester, we have spent endless hours rehearsing the same choreography again and again until the choreo no longer felt like I-function, but was practically muscle memory.

it is funny though, because during the performance, (I don't know if it was the surge of energy from being on stage) but I got more into the choreo than usual...i think it was due to the confidence that i could perform well and confidently, as opposed to the middle of the semester when I would perform more poorly due to stage fright.

The choreo seemed like a routine on stagethough. although i was "i-fuctioning" my brain to dance the memorized, "muscle-memorized" choreo, i dont know what triggered myself to get more "into" the choreo.  Another funny thing is (please forgive me for saying) but my partner actually made a mistake because he was thinking too much about the choreo.  He said he was consciously thinking about what move he should do and how he should...more than usual than relying simply on his muscle memory and in the end blanked out and made a mistake. 

I thought that this was funny, because I did  not rely on the I-function and actually performed better just trusting my instincts while my partner actually made more mistakes by doign the i'fucntion. 

what is the fine line that distinguishes his behavior and mine?  and our resulting performances? 

I would really like to know...


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