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I found the idea of

I found the idea of corollary discharge being related to possible eating disorders very relevant to my last webpaper about body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which my paper goes on to discuss how this disorder acts very similarly to over compulsive disorder (OCD). BDD is a mental disorder that involves a distorted body image. It is diagnosed in those who are obsessively critical about their self-image even if to everyone else there is no noticeable disfigurement or defect.Bringing this in to connection with corollary discharge, perhaps those individuals with this disorder have something wrong in their corollary discharge. The findings discussed in my webpaper suggested dysfunction in a 'circuit' or 'loop' connection between areas of the brain. For example if someone is tweezing her eyebrows with the intent of removing all the stray hairs from her original shape, through corollary discharge that individual is able to decide when she has tweezed enough--however when the corollary discharge is dysfunctioning the person may not receive the signal to "stop" or of satisfaction with the shape of her eyebrow--and so she may continue to tweeze away until no hair is left.

Another part of last weeks discussion that I found very interesting was the idea of losing weight. It was mentioned that our body has a set body-weight---and so if one attempts to lose weight till they reach their goal weight they may be able to accomplish it temporarily as they are conscious about it and are able to override the i-function by concentrating on their weight. However once that concentration is broken then that individual will gain back the weight lost--does this mean that weight loss is more about concentrating on your goal weight and about mentally feeling skinnier rather than regular exercise and a balanced diet?


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