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Like many, I too am still

Like many, I too am still unsure about the role of the I-function. Our discussions in class have led me to think that it is not as important as I used to think it was. Prior to this past week, I believed that it was the I-function that conducted most of what we did. I felt that our consciousness was our I-function and because we are conscious for most of what we do, our I-function is the reason for our actions. However, we concluded in class that there is no conductor of the nervous system at all and that our actions result from the coordination and interaction of our neurons. Is the I-function, then, just our thoughts? Or do our thoughts come from somewhere else in our nervous system? Is our I-function just the presence of being, to know that I am I? 

 I was also surprised to here in class that theI-function is not in charge of our choices. The example of the Pleuobranchaea (I think this is that animal's name) brought up this matter. The animal had the choice of snapping at you or not snapping at you for touching it. We learned that there was an interaction of neurons that is the result of the animal snapping at you or doing another action, such as chewing. This surprised me because I had always viewed choice as being something made consciously, especially for human beings. I am not sure if I do agree with this idea of our I-function not being part of our decision making. I feel that maybe the action of snapping made by the animal is just a reflex. I also feel that this animal does not have the same higher cognition that humans possess. Therefore, although opposed in class, I still do believe that I-function in humans have a part in choice. I think we might need to discuss this further. 


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