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I function as a score editor v. score conductor

I don't know if the ability to filter out signals from the Nervous system would be considered a form of "conduction" seem more like selective editing if anything...after all the pain signals...the dummy light for the system that alerts everything else that there is some kind of input/corollary discharge mismatch is still on...those signals are still being sent so it's not as if the I function is controlling the production of or coordination of those signals; however, the signals are somehow being ignored by the "I" function so that we are either not made aware of their presence (even though we may still be receiving those error signals) or else are aware of them but are able to translate them into something that is non-imperative or non-threatening. Perhaps, some kind of CPG and/or corollary discharge units that make up or function in conjunction with the "I" function have been re-patterned (the box arrangement/coordination has somehow changed) so that pain signals of a certain amplitude, from a certain part of the body, etc. are inhibited from continuing into the "I" function proper or the signals are somehow re-assembled so that the mismatch appears to be fixed...perhaps missing parts between the input/discharge signals are fabricated (like how the brain fills in missing visual information from peripheral vision) and what is received by the I function is a combination of the "mismatch!" signal and fabricated information (which could be made up visual, auditory input etc, like we talked about on Thursday with he boxes in the brain that can generate auditory or visual information independently and when not understood by the rest of the brain as self-generated may be interpreted as actual sensory input form an outside source) which when read together make a complete set of coherent information.


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