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I am not convinced...

It just seems that ultimately we can hold something to the "conductor" position in every example that is brought up. The example of the system of government checks and balances was used but it can be said that the consistution is the conductor in that position and that in the hand-clapping activity somebody mentioned that the dominate/loud clappers helped create the uniformity. Using the hand clapping example, it seemed tha tif we didn't know if that were trying to create one unified sound then we wouldn't of accomplished the task so quickly. We were conscious of our actions and the outcome that they would have. Basically, I am not convinced that the "I" function is not serving as the conductor in most of our activites. But I also understand that CPGs and other components are work as well but to what degree are they influencing our actions and nuerons- to what degree to our controlled pattern generators, "I" function and all of those components working together. Which is the loudest in this symphony? Which is the quietest? Does it depend on the situation?


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