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If pain can be understood as a mismatch between corollary discharge signals, than someone walking over a bed of hot coals can override the pain using their “I” function bringing the level of consciousness or perhaps unconsciousness (?) to a higher awareness of sensation (?) or duller (?) depending on which way you actually look at it, and therefore, the “I” function really could be seen as in control or the “conductor” of sorts (in this type of situation). So, therefore, in situations, like eating disordered clients, or schizophrenia or depression/anxiety, though there are biological processes involved (corollary discharges for example), I can also see where the “I” function and the use of therapy comes into play working on different parts of the NS/brain.  I like thinking about if I did not have an “I” function I would not be sitting here typing these words on Serendip.  And I feel like that gives the “I” a lot of power. But, then again, if I did not have CPGs and CD’s and such , I wouldn’t be sitting here typing, either. A wonderful symphony….


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