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Cholesterol drug doesnt work

Also, this article was front page news on the msnbc website: "Two popular cholesterol drugs may not work."

Apparently Vytorin was studied and "did not improve heart disease even though it worked as intended to lower three key risk factors." (lowered LDL, triglycerides and a measure of artery inflammation called CRP.) I think this brings up an interesting concept, that medications can have a measurable impact on what scientists think they should, but still do not have the impact they are anticipated to. This showcases the necessity of further research into the cause of disease as opposed to just finding drugs that "should work."

Also funny is the fact that many of the people interviewed in the article seem to be of the opinion that the drugs DO work....we just havent quite been doing the studies right and someday they will prove effective. What if they just simply don't work?



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