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Percieved reality

          At the beginning of the class we discussed how reality could be just a creation of our mind.  This is one of those ideas that people talk about and always seemed a little out there-a cool concept but a little “matrix-esque” to believe in on a day to day, person to person basis.  Maybe someone out there has the capacity to conceive of a different or “sixth” sense, but I certainly never thought it was me or anyone I knew well.  However, on closer consideration, and a smaller scale, I’m starting to see that reality, every day, monotonous reality, may be just a creation of my mind.  If I can only perceive senses that I have proteins for than it is a given that when I take in the world around me I’m not getting the whole (by no means exclusively visual) picture.   I guess that Tuesday’s discussion just made me reconsider reality as a perception and as unique to every person whose proteins are just a little different.

            It was also interesting to think about our “subconscious” senses and sensory processing (i.e. the pupil size exercise we did).  The idea that intuition can be based on actual perceptions we just don’t realize we are processing in some ways makes me more inclined to follow my “gut instinct”.  The ability to pick up on these signals from other people subconsciously is plausible; I wonder whether with a little effort one could make observations such as these conscious observations?ve the


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