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Just a bag of chemicals...

This is going to sound almost as crazy as I did in class when I described my distaste in comparing the human body to a bag of chemicals. I wrote my first web paper on déjà vu. What is interesting about this phenomenon is that nothing has yet been set in stone regarding why it happens or even how it happens. There are several neurobiological theories, and several theories that have absolutely nothing to do with science and more to do with spirituality. Why is it then that in class and in most instances human beings tend to lean toward the scientific explanation even though it has by no means been proven accurate? What amazes me even more is that the first part of this course was spent making us all aware of how little we really knew about the world around us, how everything we believed to be 'true' about our bodies may in fact be fabrications of our own minds, yet now we are all ready to throw in the towel and 'believe' that we are just a bunch of battery activated action potentials, well excuse my language when I say "I think its crap!"

I do not believe that all my feelings, and emotions are just a bunch of battery-activated impulses. If this is true then what can be said about moral, values, and the belief in a higher power. Are our neurotransmitters that clever?


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