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The brain, internet etc.

I have to admit that when we the reimagined the brain as something greater than a computer, I believed that some holes in that definition had to exist. It was difficult for me to think of the brain as the internet (for example) because I I imagine the internet to be something which supplies knowledge rather than integrating it. But after reading comments from my fellow classmates, the idea that the neuron is actually more like a computer makes sense in that each neuron takes an array of inputs, analyzes them and generates outputs. And the idea that the brain is some sort of system that integrates interconnected computers and translates their activities into what we perceive as behavior also resounds quite nicely. What is important to remember in order to make sense of this analogy is the idea that the primary purpose of the internet is to connect individuals from all over the world in order to share information. The brain is similar in that it takes the plethora of "knowledge" or outputs provided by neurons (or individual computers ) and displays that information in a way which makes sense onlookers.


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