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Well, we are programmed

Well, we are programmed differently. Every time we experience something new or learn something different, the arrangement of our input/output boxes differ slightly. At least that’s what I gathered from discussion in class. I unlike many people previously stated have no problem with calling the brain a machine. It is an amazing machine! Of which we do not know everything about, yet if ever. And to assume that because we cannot explain certain situations with the brain- input/output box theory, it does not mean we should automatically "fill in the gap" with a soul or spirit. I also would not say to eliminate it as a possibility (even though I personally do not think a mind outside the brain exists). I think that even with the brain being some what like a machine, it sounds harsh but what is the problem with saying I made this choice based on previous experiences my brain has stored, chemical signaling, hormone level, and more not so clear biological "stuff". In class we talked about how many neurons a person has.... A LOT!! The lst thing I picture is a linear system. Now imagine the endless possibilities of combinations and arrangement. I almost have trouble seeing how any behavior could be predicted at all, according to the Harvard Animal Behavior theory it cannot be.


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