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How can there be output without input?

I have spent most of the weekend thinking about everything I do and why. I only caught myself once doing something that I was not prompted to do and that was drop something, which in my mind was out of my control. Otherwise from cleaning the kitchen to sitting on the couch and watching TV, to changing the channel was all prompted there was always an input before there was an output. I therefore strongly disagree with the final diagram presented in class last Thursday.

I have a dog also, she is an Italian Greyhound and lives inside the house so I am always in really close proximity to her and I spent the weekend observing her also, she ran to the door when there were people walking by it, once she jumped off the bed simply to strech, but I am sure that was prompted by a change in position, maybe she was uncomfertable. As for if she comes when I call her, sometimes she doesn't but that does not mean she parallels the female grasshopper. Just because there is a specific response expected does not mean that it is going to happen all the time, that is why statistics and probability exist. It certainly does not mean however that there is an output without and input.

In my opinion there is not nearly enough evidence to support this claim. I believe it is natural to react to the world around us. Even taking off our sweaters when we get indoors, or turning on the air conditioner when we are hot, or simple cleaning because we feel our enviornment is messy. There is an input for every output.


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