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The brain is a baller.

I agree with Tara's point above when she mentions that there is no set neuron path that triggers a specific response or action in the human body's behavior. 

Like mentioned in class, all our generalized 'input/output boxes' are constructed with so many different 'input/output boxes' and it is the combination of so many different 'input/output' tracks that determine a different signal.  There are so many (seriously.....sooooooo MANY) combinations and possibilities of variation in behavior.  Thus, to those who question the complete randomness of thought and sudden urges of behavior...these jerks are totally plausible. 

The thing that I find amazing is that despite all of the different combinations and possibilities of behavior being triggered, the brain still is able to group things and have some sort of organization to which thoughts trigger different behavior.  For instance, muscle memory and morality.  We act certain ways because certain actions and thoughts have been embedded in our system since long ago.  Due to so many different combinations, you would think there would be easily an error in the brain's process or a backfire that would disrupt the visible trends completely, however, yet still, the brain triggers relatively accurate responses to different inputs.

 The brain is pretty on-point.


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