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Mental and Physical Behaviors

Caitlin brings up an important concept- the difference between the "physical" and "mental" behaviors that the brain processes on a daily basis. I view the brain as an input/output system when it comes to more physical behaviors like forcing the heart to beat or breathing, etc. On the other hand, I personally believe that the brain is something else when it comes to the physical behaviors that we all exhibit. There is no set nueron path for any individual when it comes to mental behaviors that are eventually translated into action. The body is constantly subjected to many different types of situations and stimuli so that there is in fact no set behaviors that can be exhibited. Our lives are extremely different from one second to the next, we are all spontaneous individuals who have not conditioned the brain to be constantly just outputting the same behaviors. I believe that the brain has the ability to exhibit both routine behaviors as well as behaviors that we have never exhibited before.


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