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More inputting and outputting

The idea of inputs and outputs in some respects, certainly gels with my own understanding of the brain thus far, especially in comparison to the other models presented to us in class last week. Reading over some of the other posts it appears that there are a few others who agree! However, I do wonder about a few elements of this overall concept. For example, we emphasized the idea of different arrangement of neurons effectively "equaling" behavior, but I wonder if this is really the case. While this idea does explain the existence of different ideology, personality, and flat-out belief, what about shared concepts among different individuals? Millions of people all over the world believe in certain, shared things despite their differing environments (an example would be religious faith)-does this mean that they have shared arrangements of neurons in certain cases, but not in others (since these people also differ in a million different other ways) And I also wonder how these "arrangements" are related to inputting and outputting-although certain individuals exhibit the same behavior or beliefs, often times it is actually the result of completely different motivations. How does this fit into the neuron arrangement/input-output theory?


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