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Predicatable Behavior

During our discussion yesterday I was distracted for about twenty minutes by the thought of how much we determine due to percieved "patterns of behavior." Parents will change disciplinary measures with their children if they perceive that behavior has improved sufficiently. In a relationship people read behavior as an indication of feelings and can even decide to communicate feelings based on perceptions of their significant other's feelings. Prison inmates are offered parole if their behavior has shown improvement..... their are so many examples even smaller than these in our everyday lives as well.

How then can we make these judgements and decisions if the brain is not in fact predictable? If one input does not have a fairly predictable output? Brain informs behavior, thus if our decided stipulations are correct then everything that we judge to be behavior and respond to ourselves (another form of behavior) is most likely misinformed and incorrect. My summaries of observations are in direct conflict with the idea that behavior is anything but predicatable and I will make an effort to rethink my judgements and choices that I base on perceived behavior.


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