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Why not?

I am not sure why the idea persists that the brain is a machine. Although we also use the word system, it is still assumed to be some sort of machine that makes sense. Speaking to the idea that science does not provide truth, but rather observations, there are many observations that the brain works as a machine, a system with patterns. However, the brain also makes mistakes. Why do we keep questioning the duality of the brain/mind as the soul/free will as the challenge? What about schizophrenia? Is this a system mistake? I do not think that all systems are reliable and predictable, but rather a set of patterns that sometimes work similarly but often differently, and the brain is an extremely complex system that allows us to think about our input and decide what, and if we will produce, our output. And sometimes, even when we know we shouldn't behave in a certain way, we do... why do we do that?


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