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better late than never....

hi all!

my name is heather foley, and i'm a junior bio/french major africana studies/russian minor here at the mawr. i intend to attend vet or vet tech school post graduation, and to ultimately specialize in reptile medicine.

i ask a ridiculous amount of questions about behavior, and am partial to explanations in terms of its evolutionary/biological basis. a consequence of this is that i tend to categorize human behavior as a subsect of primatology.

going along with this idea, i warn that my ideas (where applicable) will be colored by my resentment for anthropocentricism... i like to combat the notion that humans are necessarily superior to anything else, and as such i prefer to focus on our commonalities with other species rather than the things that set us apart. i guess we'll see where this leads on the discussion board.

i'm looking forward to learning about the basis of tons of interesting behaviors. this should be quite a rewarding experience :)

see you all in the forum!


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