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hi everyone!

hey everyone! my name is Kendra Sykes and i am a sophomore here at Bryn Mawr but a political science major at Haverford. Recently, when I tell people that I am taking a Neurobiology course I get looked of shock. These looks first confused me, but then I realized it was because many people think of neurobiology as being VERY difficult and also because I am a social science major and not a science major. I feel that it is important to be open minded and take classes in other subjects than the one I am majoring in and since reading articles about neurobiology is something that I very much enjoy, I decided to enroll in this course.  One of my interests is basically why certain people behave the way they do. I've always wondered why some people are shy, why some are more outgoing etc. I think by learning more about the brain and the nervous system that the stories behind behavior can also eventually be revealed. I look forward to this course! 



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