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Hey everyone, my name is

Hey everyone, my name is Evan Stiegel and I am a junior at Haverford majoring in bio at Bryn Mawr.  One topic that I am very interested in is the neurobiology of peak-performance. My interest in this topic mostly stems from my participation in athletics.  Most of you probably have had those brief times when you perform so well at something you feel as though everything is happening by itself without your control.  For me, sometimes when I am playing my respective sports I feel like my body just takes over and everything just comes so naturally.  People often call being in this state "playing out of your mind".  This "out of mind" state can be applied to other activities besides athletics like creating art or test-taking.  I guess I am interested in the science of this state of mind because I obviously want to be able to sustain it for long periods of time.  I am curious as to what some of you have to say about this topic, for example whether or not you think this state of mind is a mental perception or if this state of mind is isolated to humans, etc.


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