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Hi my name is Caroline Heffernan. I am a sophomore at Bryn Mawr and I have yet to decide on a major; however, I am almost certain that I will be a neural and behavioral sciences concentration. I am primarily interested in the topic of neurology as it relates to behavior because I have a history of concussions, and during that treatment I was treated by a concussion doctor who was able to diagnose where my brain had been injured by the way that I answered questions. Ever since that initial meeting, I have been intrigued in how the brain impacts very basic behaviors, such as talking.

Normally when we think about behavior, we do not consider everyday things, like walking and talking as a behavior, but even a very mundane tasks are behaviors, that can be influenced a great deal by the brain. This idea can be exhibited when a disease, like Alzheimer’s affects the brain, a grown adult can begins to regress into a child that becomes dependent upon the people who help care for them. After observing Alzheimer’s disease and being personally involved in my concussion, my interest in neurobiology has developed.


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