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Hey, my name is Tara Raju and I am a sophmore at Bryn Mawr. I am a double major in biology and history. At this point in time, I hope to go to law school or acquire some upper level graduate degree. During high school biology and psychology courses we rougly explored the capabilities of the brain and the some of the correlating behaviors but it was not nearly as in depth as I would of liked it to be. It is absolutely fascinating that the brain has the ability to have complete control over what we think, feel, smell, see, etc and to be better equipped with knowledge in regards to these aspects and many others. For instance, at our high school graduation party, they got a hypontist and there were actually guys on stage that thought they were Shakira or Beyonce. But, is it really true? Did they want to just entertain the rest of our senior class or did they truly believe that they were preforming for a sold out crowd. The brain is a powerful thing and I am really looking forward to learning more about it and understanding different topics better.


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