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Hey, My name is Zoe and I am a senior at Bryn Mawr. I am majoring in Political Science and concentrating in Peace and Conflict studies. Like Angel, I am very interested in global politics but also global conflict and genocide. Political behavior fascinates me and I can bring many thoughts to our conversation about the ways in which behavior is dictated by what how we think others will react and community consciousness that surrounds the processes in our brains. The only science I have ever really enjoyed is in Psychology learning about the Brain and its functions and how one side does this and the other side does that.

 I am particularly interested in the psychological and behavioral aspect of the course, looking at gender differences in behavior and reactions to trauma. My thesis looks at rape and although I am writing from a political perspective, I often come across psychological analyses of both perpetrator and survivor which are interesting. Hope we have a great class together!


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