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Hello hello classroom buddies. My name is Jenn Wong and I am a junior at Bryn Mawr College double majoring in Biology and East Asian Studies. I’ve never really taken any classes specifically about neurobiology but have had a bit of exposure from what was taught in the Intro Bio courses. I am still undecided/unclear about what I want to do with myself after college and am looking to learn more about possible fields of research or biology-related studies to look further into.

Something that I’m interested in learning about is human behaviors and why people ‘do the things they do.’ I think a lot about the people around me, their relationships and interactions with one another, and why they desire to conform to specific behaviors or roles in society, (as well as my own role in these same positions). Are their reasons behind their actions generated from societal/cultural demands or biological demands? Or both? I think understanding these ideas is important for myself as well as all of you to continue to grow and function in today’s changing society, cliché as that definitely sounds.

I am also interested in learning more about the human thought process itself. I chose to be a Biology major because I thought understanding these ideas at a biological was equally important as understanding it at a social/psychological level. I would love to learn more about what makes us remember and/or dream about certain things that cannot be recreated in any other place except in our minds; the fact that this sets us apart as individuals from one another binds us together as a group as well.

See you all in class tomorrow! =)


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