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Hey all, my name is Penn Tong and I'm a junior at Haverford, however, I am majoring in Biology at Bryn Mawr. I've never taken a neurology class, but I'm very intrigued about the many functions of the brain that we don't fully understand yet. I'm fascinated in questions such as "What are dreams?" "How do we decide from right or wrong?" and "What is a soul? Can it be broken down and explained in parts?". I feel that many of my questions will be addressed by my peers and I'm very excited to know what you all have to say.

I am also a member of the Men's Tennis Team at Haverford and I'm also interested in the concept of competition. I want to know what sparks it and why competition can be so fierce when it is only a game. In a sense, I want to understand myself more. I think being able to understand it and then trying to apply it on myself would be an awesome experiment.

To be honest, I don't know how I can contribute to the class discussion YET, other than my opinions and thoughts as a member of the Y chromosome. However I am very much looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone in class. See you all Thursday!


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